January 27, 2012

InstaFriday: Last Day Of Work

Happy Friday Y'all-

This past week I'd been sick. So the husband dragged me out into public in my sweats, how nice huh? His nickname for me now: "bum" because apparently that's how I looked. ha ha.

This was our Shopping Trip to Walgreens:
We sat on the couch the rest of the night. My nose was finally clear and my stomach full of a half of a bag of Peanut Butter m&ms. 

I love Target, to no end, and I happen to come across these guys:
Oh my, did I wish I had kids right then and there. I would have bought the whole entire shelf. :)

Also saw these adorable sculptures too at Target:

So I finally had the urge to put curtains up in our apartment. I found them cheap for 8 bucks a piece at Target, but we'll wait and see if the husband approves. :)

IT'S MY LAST DAY OF WORK! My co-workers are fantastic and surprised me yesterday with this. It's a gift box full of all the materials I need to make MORE cake pops! :) They know me all too well.

How's your Friday been so far?

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  1. Visiting from instafriday - and I'm so glad I did! Love your blog - I'm your newest follower! Have a great Friday.

  2. I love cake pops! You should post when you get around to making them :)


    1. CHECK BACK TOMORROW actually! :D

  3. Happy last day of work!!! And hope you're feeling better.

    Ps- i really love those curtains!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  4. I love cake pops! I might make some this weekend now after reading this post :-) I have really similar curtains, but they unfortunately weren't only $8!

  5. I hope you are feeling better now friend...xoxo

  6. What good coworkers you have!!! So thoughtful!

  7. Aww! :) Whenever i'm sick, that's exactly what my bag of grocery looks like, lol

  8. Well, I love those curtains! Now I have the urge to head to my Target and see if there are any in stock ;)

  9. Hope you are feeling better girl!!

  10. Im off work now so now im super happy that friday is here. lol Hope you get to feeling better soonly.

  11. Hope you are felling better soon, and what a great gift!

  12. Hope you are feeling better! Oh what a SWEET gift. And the birds are adorable.

  13. Aww I love the Winnie the Pooh glasses and bowls, and peanut butter M&Ms sound amazing!

  14. I firmly believe that a sweet treat helps speed along the recovery process when a person is sick. My doctor might not agree though...haha :) Hope you're feeling better soon, chickadee!

  15. OOOHHH. that is an awesome present!!!
    I just got all giddy thinking of all those baking treats!!
    I hoard baking things..

    I love the new curtains ;) I think they should stay!!
    Hope you're feeling ALL better now!