January 27, 2012

Strawberry Valentine's Heart-Shaped Cake Pops [Tutorial]


Brace yourself, it's gonna be a long and fantastic post!

Strawberry Valentine's 
Heart-Shaped Cake Pops

Ingredients for Cake Pops:
Strawberry Flavor Cake Mix (and rest of ingredients it requires)
Strawberry Tub of Frosting
Ivory Bark (two bars)

Ingredients for Decorating Frosting:
Food Coloring (your choice)
Powdered Sugar

Small Crock Pot
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet
Snack-Sized Plastic Bags
Candy Sticks (purchased at Walmart for $2.00)
Candy Clear Baggies (purchased at Walmart for $2.50)
Heart-Shaped Ice Cube Trays (purchased at Target for $2.50)

Bake the Strawberry cake according the box with all ingredients it requires. Let it cool completely.

I know it seems weird, but take the cake and break it into tiny pieces.

Think of it as a stress-reliever, and the pieces should look like  this.

Then add the tub of Strawberry Frosting.

It's best to use your hands and mush it all together, so it has the consistency of play-dough almost.

Get out your Ice Cube Trays or if you want to hand-mold them into hearts too. That's fine. 

Mold the cake pop dough into the molds.

Remove from the molds and place on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Place in the REFRIGERATOR for approximately an hour, so it allows the frosting to harden a bit.

As the molds are hardening, start to melt your Ivory Bark. 

To make your cake pops stick to their stick, put one side into the melted ivory bark.

And insert at the bottom of the heart. Keep these, with the sticks in the air so that the bark hardens.

I found it ideal to keep the extra cake pops in the refrigerator until you are ready to dunk them. It keeps them together better.

Once they are completely covered in the bark, remove any excess and stand up-right in a Styrofoam board.

Let the bark completely harden.

Start to create the decorating frosting. This only involved two ingredients: Milk & Powdered Sugar.

***Use a lot more powdered sugar THAN milk, and play around until you get the right texture. It should be pretty stiff.

Once you've got your frosting ready to go, use food coloring to create the right color you would like. I went with Pink.

Once the food coloring is all mixed in, transport to a snack-size plastic bag.

Cut a small corner off one side, and use this as your tip to write anything you'd like on your cake pops.

Here are some of the sayings I created:

If you want to make your cake pops EVEN MORE CUTER, put them in clear plastic candy bags, and tie with a ribbon.

Aren't they adorable?

 And they were delicious! 

Sorry I just had to taste test one of these beauties. :)

I gave these to my co-workers on my last day of work/birthday treat. I wrote on them: "Miss You". They were a hit! :)

Happy Pre-Valentin'es Day Everyone! :)
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  1. These are soo cute and look delicious!!!! I made strawberry cake balls with vanilla icing for the first time about a monthg ago... those things are to die for!

  2. these look amazing! what perfect little gifts :)

  3. These are super adorable! I may have to head to target tomorrow for heart ice cube trays!

  4. Yum.. so amazing looking.

    P.S. I left you something on my blog!

  5. those are so cute and look delicious! I never like dipping things in chocolate - it stresses me out and never looks like the recipe. but I like how you put it in your crock pot - maybe I could try that! Have a good weekend!

  6. yum yum yum yummmm! & not to mention cuuuute!

    xoxo - kylie

  7. They were very Yummy!! :-)

    Sheryl <3

  8. I LOVE cake balls.. haha like a lot.
    When I eat my cake I always like to just go ahead and mix it up with the frosting!! (And ice cream too if I have it!)
    You had some really good pointers though about putting the bark on the sticks before sticking them in the cake balls...
    That is genius. Why didn't I think of that?!?!

    I am doing a version of this for my hubby for valentine's day!! Brownie Balls!! LOL

    TOO adorable!! you should link these up in some Valentine's day linkies.. PPL would go NUTS over them!!

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