January 21, 2012

Swap Meet!- [Thurmonstrosity]

So Claire from Thurmonstrosity is a whole lot of fun and I always enjoy reading her posts.  She's super creative and came up with the idea for us to "Swap-Meet". What an awesome idea! Please go check out her blog, leave her some lovin', and follow her, to help her reach her goal of 50+. You won't be left disappointed, trust me!

Without any further ado, I'd like to introduce to you my first Guest Blogger:


I am so excited to be featured on Black Little Button! 
Let me tell you a little about myself:
I'm Claire. I love board games, sweet tea and arts & crafts! I'm kind of a goofball.
My husband and I just recently celebrated our one-year anniversary.. 
so like Whit, I'm a newlywed, too! I'm very organized... so much so in fact that we were only engaged for six weeks! This is me on my wedding day:
Did I mention we both graduated college that morning??? Needless to say, our wedding was very non-traditional. Our first year of marriage had its ups and downs. We moved to a brand new city together. My husband worked in grocery retail management while I was a trophy wife! We bought a new car... TWICE! [I totaled my first, three-month old car.] Life in our first year was swell. Then I got laid off from my [real] job... and so did my hubby.
Isn't he handsome?? Now we live with family in another new city. It's not so bad. I get to play with my three nieces in between filling out applications and going on interviews. Life is funny.. I write a lot about the challenges God has thrown our way on my blog. You should check it out sometime. Occasionally, I will post a favorite recipe or tackle a craft project. I would love to get to know you fellow marriage newbies, craft junkies & entry-levels. So after you get your daily dose of the Black Little Button, come on over & see what I'm up to!


  1. I can't believe she graduated college and got married on the same day! How crazy and fun.

    1. It was SUPER crazy but I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Lovely to e-meet you!

  2. yay for first guest post bloggers! she is adorable! great job girl!!
    xo TJ