January 21, 2012

[Two] Weeks Notice

So I gave my two weeks notice at the job I am currently working. I have been working through a temp-agency for what will be 2 full years in the beginning of February.

It was a bit hard to tell them, but I need to do what's best for me. I need to find a position that am I able to work with an actual company, benefits and all.

They have been such a blast to work with. Yes that's right 9 women in all one department. We get along so great together! There's never a day where we aren't laughing at something, or sharing a new recipe.

Here's hoping I find a full-time position soon. For right now, we are fortunate enough to survive off my husband's salary, granted I will need to pick up a part-time to help afford my car/student loan payments.

In time, I know it will all turn out, but for now I wanted to share some of the great moments with the ladies I work with:

Halloween 2010. We temporarily lived in a trailer when our department was being remodeled. 

So in turn, we were "Trailer Trash" :) Don't worry we made our own cigarettes and beers out of paper. Got to love working with all graphic designers!

Halloween 2011: Candy Land, it was epic. We won the company contest, hands down!

Had a 70's day theme during the summer for the company picnic.

An ugly sweater contest this past Christmas.

and Yes, we do plank garbage cans from time to time.

Great times, great memories. I will miss them all greatly.

**UPDATE: Turns out on last Friday, the rest of the department is being laid off. I'm not sure if it's just weird timing on my part, or I foresaw the future. I think it's the first. But I wish all my co-workers the best, and I hope they all find something soon as well! They deserve it!


  1. How strange that you gave your two week notice and everyone got laid off. That definitely has to make you confident in your decision! Looks like you girls had a great time though! : )

  2. Everything will definitely work out for the best! You guys had some great costumes!! lol :)

  3. wow! looks like you guys have some rockin' good times!

    praying you find something soon!

  4. Hehe I was actually laughing out loud at the planking picture. Matt and I get such a kick out of people who plank lol. We chaperoned the middle school dances and last time we were there I was walking upstairs and stepped on a child who was planking on the stairs. HA! I totally get the contract thing. My husband has been on contracts for the past 2 1/2 years and it's hard. He gets benifits through the agency, but the unknown is scary. Once he's done with school...no. more. contracts. Good luck finding your next job : )

  5. Oh man, those costumes are amazing!! I hope you find something you love that offers all the things you need.

  6. So weird on that update... isn't life crazy?? Good luck with your next endeavor.. and please share on the blog!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  7. Crazy how things turn out sometimes. Great pictures, sure looks like a great time the last couple years.

  8. OK seriously the trash can planks were awesome!!!!! I know you will be able to find something you love and that is closer to home soon!!!! Keep your head up and eyes open for a great opportunity. Sorry to hear that your coworkers are getting laid off I know that has got to be hard.

  9. Hello my name is Kelsey, I am a girlfriend of a U.S. Sailor and so much more! Looking for new friends/ support system. <3
    How insane that you would have got laid off! Weird timing for sure.
    These are very funny, sounds like a fun job but you gotta move on sometimes too! :) Goodluck. You do graphic design?

  10. Just found your blog and I enjoy reading it. I am looking for a full-time job right now. Praying for you in your search as well. Your newest follower




  11. Ahh I totally love the trailer trash costumes - that's awesome! Cute blog :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Haha those pictures are hilarious! I bet you will miss them, but I'm happy for you! You are taking a chance and finding something that suits you better. Good luck to you :)

  13. looks like you worked with a bunch of incredible women! so fun!

    and what are the chances ... that you give your two weeks and then let everyone go too. amazing.

  14. UHM first of all; I think it's amazing how much fun you had while working there! Those pictures are hilarious. Secondly, how strange the timing with everyone being laid off/ you putting in your two weeks.