May 24, 2012

Best Looking Bike in the Neighborhood

So I bike to work everyday I can. It's not that far of a commute, it gets me the exercise that I have been lacking motivation to do, and it saves on the gas and miles on my car.

Well turns out I left my bike at the bike rack near my place of work for a weekend, thinking it would be fine (all locked up). I enjoyed a nice walk into work on that Monday morning, come to find the bike GONE!

Seriously? Who in the right mind, steals a bike. I was crushed and worried.  So the husband and I did a little shopping tonight and came home with this baby. Can you say "SCHWINNNNNN" :)

I'm super pumped to ride it to work tomorrow, and you will be glad to know I will have NUMEROUS bike locks on this baby for now on.


  1. oh my word! youre going to be the cutest communter.

  2. Love the bike! I need a rack for my bike so I cant put my picnic basket in it and take it to farmers markets