August 11, 2012

An Eventful Day!

Two great things are happening today!

1. My family is coming to help me move all the "big ticket" items to the new duplex. Because Lord knows, that I am not able to move an entire couch down a second story of a house by myself (due to the husband being away for training).  I have manage to do all the little things solo...but this requires many hands.

2. I am able to officially meet a blogging friend (in real life). It just so happens that Stormy at Life's A Dance does not live that far away from me. Crazy right? Through the entire WORLD WIDE WEB, ALL OVER THE WORLD, I find a lovely lady that's only 30 minute drive away!

What the best part is, we both happened to be in the same Goodwill one night, literally 3 feet away from each other. Both questioning if it really was the other person. Either of us couldn't manage the courage to say hello to each other, and turns out we both do live lives outside the Blog-world. :)

She has graciously let me attend her Bachelorette Party festivities tonight, and I can not wait to see how smashing she'll look in her Little White Dress and other lovely ladies in Little Black Dresses. It will be a night she'll never forget, and I'm so glad I could be apart of it!

So here's to a wonderful start to the weekend! Cheers.


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! :) Loving the updated look. :)

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for coming last night! Hope you had some fun laughs! It was great to meet you! Hope we can get together again soon!

  3. what a neat story about the Goodwill, i don't know what i'd do if i thought or saw rather a blogging friend right then and there:o that's so cool! And now you're going to hang out?!