September 1, 2012


We have become proud new parents to this little baby girl!

Friday night, I decided to drive down 2.5 hours south to pick her up. There was just something inside of me that knew she had to be in our family.  We got back around 11:00pm, just before the husband got home from work. SURPRISE! He had no idea.

Immediately the husband got down on the floor and started to play with her. I know he was more then thrilled because he has always wanted to get one since we started living on our own. So seeing that moment, made me really glad I got her for us.

She was the runt of the litter, and at 3 weeks her mom had neglected her and all the other puppies trampled over her. The owner wanted to put her down, but the owner's cousin wanted to try to save her. With a little "TLC" she said they were able to get her to where she is now. The vet thinks all of her muscles hadn't grown yet and now she is a perfectly healthy puppy!

It was rough first night, but since we got her kennel. She has slept through every night. No whining or anything. She loves her kennel. It has been a smooth transition and when I'm at work I can't wait to come home and play with her.

Of course I had to take a zillion pictures. The one above is my all-time favorite. They both are so adorable! She is mostly Mastiff, but is not a we aren't sure what else she'd be.

and before we even got married I told the husband that if we were to ever get a dog (female) I wanted to name her Harlee. And thus the baby girl's name. I can't stop talking about her, all the time. SHE IS JUST SO FREAKEN CUTE! :)


  1. She is adorable!!!! I can't wait to get another dog.

  2. She is adorable!! I love the pics!

  3. She is adorable I love it, puppies are so cute. Great pictures girl!!!!

  4. i love her already :)

  5. Love this!!!! How old is she?!

  6. She is adorable!! Love her name too! Congrats on your new addition :)