December 11, 2012

Tis' the Christmas Season

The house is beginning to get into the Christmas spirit. A couple weekends ago, the husband and I went to pick out our first REAL Christmas tree. As the gentlemen went through and briefly explain the difference between each type of tree. The husband goes, "We will take this one". Decision was made within 5 minutes of getting there and we left with this pretty (little) one.

I secretly tricked the husband into an afternoon Christmas shopping trip to Hobby Lobby. He had no idea, but was a good sport non-the-less. 

Brought out the homemade stockings I made last year. You can find the link here.

 Also created some homemade, awesome smelling Christmas ornaments. Can you tell which state we favor, even if we are the opposite side of the country (wisconsin). GO LONGHORNS! :)

Target has the jackpot for decorations this year, and I couldn't pass up these awesome napkins. I even brought out our wedding centerpiece as well. Fits perfectly.

Created a little hot chocolate/apple cider station as well for guests.

Of course I had to take numerous pictures of Harlee's first Christmas. Getting a 5 month old puppy to cooperate and sit still, seems impossible. But I got a couple decent shots.

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  1. i know how impossible it is to get dogs to sit still we have two jacks and they are always moving so photos are there but they aren't the best. love your Christmas decorations and a real tree is the best!

  2. I just completely fell in love with your Dining table center pieces!! So cute!! And the Hot Cider/Hot Chocolate station is such a great Idea!! I love it! Hopefully we can have our house decorated as beautifully as yours next year! Thanks for checking out my blog earlier! <3

  3. your decorations are too cute, and so are you! so glad you stopped by my blog :)


  4. Aww I love your tree, it's so beautiful! :) Love that Harlee is in pictures too.

  5. Hi Hi... Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've actually been following you for sometime now. I just haven't been a good "commenter". Lol. I love your Christmas decor. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. =)

  6. Your dog is adorable! Love your tree too!

  7. Lovely tree and Harlee is a cutie!! I'm now your newest follower!