January 7, 2013

[2012] Year in Review

Seriously, where has this past year went? There have been lots of up's and down's, but more up's thankfully! I did a recap of 2011, the post can be found here, and here's 2012:

New Years day, we attended our first Packer Game!

Started a new job that was within a 5 minute bicycle ride, with my new bike!

Finally purchased my first iMac and jumped on the designing train.

Overworked myself, and had moment that scared both my husband and I, story found: here

We also purchased this beauty (2006 Harley Davidson Nightrain), can finally check this off my bucket list.

Tried my hand at a mini-upper apartment garden. I had grown two apple trees (from seeds) and gigantic tomato plants!

Was a personal assistant for a great friends wedding, and you betcha I was prepared for anything that happened that day!

Our annual Forth of July trip. Was one of the hottest weekends of the year with zero breeze.

Unfortunately had to celebrate our first wedding anniversary alone. The husband was gone for Army training. 

The midst of moving into a new apartment, we had some horrible luck. The husband's truck was totaled, the loaner truck I had to use was dented, and our storage unit got broken into. 

Welcomed our little fur-baby, Harlee into our family. 

The Husband and I completed our first TOUGH MUDDER together!

Started a little hobby of taking photography of family and friends, including a surprise engagement session!

Made a trip back down to Texas for a best friend from high school's wedding and met her little girl for the first time!

Started a new job again, with a max of 40 hours a week! :) Gave the husband the best Christmas present, ever, hands down! (to be shared later) The husband and I made a trip back down to the place where so many great memories were made, and celebrated for a second time: New Years Eve in Nashville!


  1. What a wonderful year you have had! Can't wait to hear what the awesome gift was. :)

  2. how neat that you bought a harley this year! so fun! looks like you've had a great 2012. hope 2013 is amazing for you :)

  3. What a great year! My husband wants that Harley so bad! Lol. Lucky you! :)

  4. What a great year! So excited for your photography business!

  5. So fun! That run looks awesome!! And Harlee as a puppy I die. Maybe I need another puppy not a baby...hhhmmmmm.. Such a great year!!

  6. Congrats on the tough mudder! I'm doing my first one in June with my hubby. He did his first 2 years ago. I am extremely nervous :) Any tips?

    Glad you found my blog, too!

  7. You had such a wonderful year, cant wait to see what 2013 has in store for you!!