January 10, 2013

Our Christmas, a little late.

I helped pick out my husband's Christmas present from my parents. Man this is one thing I'm glad he has. To be honest, I was so sick of the coffee pot left to sit with half a glass still in the container for a day or two, not to mention the filter. Can you tell I'm definitely not a coffee-person? This this is awesome, and so much easier to work with :)

Christmas Day we made the trip down to Fort Campbell, KY with the 7 month old puppy and this goofy one below, our niece. To be honest, it went sooo much smoother than what I prepared for. We may have watched The Lion King (twice), Finding Nemo, and Alvin and the Chipmunks the entire ride down...but hey it worked out so well. I brought my laptop and hooked it up to the speakers in my husband's truck. Hello surround Bose sound! :)

Spent almost the entire time on base. Got a taste of what life would be like being "active duty". Here's hoping that may come within a couple years or so. Fingers crossed. The PX is so much cheaper than our grocery store, I contemplated going grocery shopping for the month there, and bringing it all back up with us. I don't think the husband would have liked that idea.

I got the new iPad for Christmas, and let me tell you 3/4 of it is apps for my niece. I downloaded everything FREE I could find. She loved that thing, to the point where she would come cuddle and be all lovely-dovely...knowing full well I'd cave and let her play with it.  Her favorite thing was the Easy Bake Oven app. We made hundreds of delicious looking cupcakes.

We are also the aunt and uncle that like to give practical (not so girlish) gifts. Heck yes we got her a tool set! 

After making all those (pretend) cupcakes on the iPad, Grandma stopped at the PX and picked up some actual cupcake mix...look at that cute little baker. :)

New Years Eve, the husband and I left Harlee back home with the grandparents and made our way back to a place that is near and dear to our hearts, downtown Nashville, TN. We have shared numerous memories there (including a new years eve two years back and our engagement). This year was no exception, spent our new years eve kiss on the bar of Coyote Ugly drinking our free champagne. 

Was a fantastic way to celebrate the new year. Can't wait to see what it has in store for us!


  1. The commissary is so much cheaper than grocery stores (in most cases). When my husband was still a reservist, we would drive an hour to Ft. Riley to buy a month's worth of meat and cheese because it was more affordable than the grocery store.

  2. Yay for the Keurig!!!! :) We love ours.

  3. I just posted about my keurig today actually! If your hubby liked iced coffee - my post is all about that! :)


  4. So fun!! Your niece is super cute!

  5. We have a keurig and we love it, it even makes hot chocolate!!

  6. I have been wanting a Keurig forever, what a wonderful gift! Was that an Easy Bake oven I saw? I loved mine as a kid! Have a great weekend!