February 6, 2013

a baby sprinkle

I attended a baby sprinkle this past weekend. This beautiful momma is expecting very soon again, and what better way to show her that we love her, then to host a little "sprinkle". 

Since she has handsome toddler and was "showered" when she was first expecting him. We knew a "sprinkle" would be just the thing!

Aren't the decorations adorable? Got to love that mustache cake! :)


  1. Very adorable! She looks so cute pregnant, can barely tell.

  2. awesome!! love the mustache cake & the straws how fun :)

  3. I love the cake!

    I had never heard of a sprinkle before I moved here and people were throwing baby sprinkles for second time moms. It is a nice idea. Every baby deserves recognition in some form.