February 3, 2013

Life as of Late Update

So it's crazy but I had to make a large Target run this past week. I have FOUR baby showers and two little girl's birthdays within the next TWO months. So I stocked up on items now. Yes, I may have wrapped three of them already. This girl is always ahead of the game!

The Husband's drill unit FRG has a silent auction coming up and I stayed up late on Wednesday night to make these for him to take along with.  The first box: Pasta night. The middle box: a Lady Relax box (which includes wine, chocolate and a Sara Evan's book). The Last box on the right is a Cake Pop box, filled with everything you need to make some adorable cake pops. I hope these go over well.

Also my first box came in from Graze! I was super excited. It had nothing that I didn't like. I can't wait for next week's to come! :) If you want to know more about it, check out the post I did a while back: here.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!


  1. I really like those theme boxes you made for the silent auction! I've got to remember that idea, it's really neat. I'm off to check out the graze post, I want in on that stuff!

  2. I always loved the silent auctions we had with our old FRG unit. We did a spa relaxation one, BBQ basket and a starbucks baskets. I love yours, they came out great.

  3. The silent auction boxes are a great idea! I will have to remember those themes if I have to do something similar.

  4. 4 baby showers?! Hopefully, you will have some newborn photo shoots! :) Love themed gift baskets!

  5. Oh my goodness, you are prepared! I wish I thought that far ahead!