March 15, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: I'm so glad you're here. Getting to finally spend almost 2 full days together with the husband. The rest of the week seems to take forever.

Dear Harlee: I'm such a proud puppy momma. At only 8 months, you have been left to roam free around the house while we are away for the past month or so and you have done extremely well! Let's keep up the good work!

Dear Duck Dynasty: Your show is fantastic, and I would love for you to be my "extended" family. :)

Dear Texas: When can the husband and I finally move down there? Help us find a job there ASAP. Kay, thanks!

Dear Photo Business: I'm so excited to take pictures of a "newborn" 3 months old and her cousins family pictures on Sunday. Just a couple months ago I was doing her mom's maternity pictures. :)

Dear Good Friends: Please refrain from having any more adorable babies. Let us catch up first. 

Dear Meal Planning: you are quite harder to do then I thought. This whole sticking to a budget thing stinks when you attempting to eat "clean".

Dear Bills: for just one month, please pay yourself. 

Dear Husband: Thank you for waking me up at midnight on Monday night to surprise me with a fudge chocolate cake. #thattimeofthemonth #husbandoftheyear I'm sorry to report that unfortunately after two days, the entire cake is gone. whoops.


  1. My husband would like to join the Duck Dynasty family too! :)
    How great would it be just for 1 month the bills to pay themselves...ah.
    Happy Friday!

  2. What a SWEET husband you have Whit! :)

  3. Hahah love the letter to Duck Dynasty! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Whit!

  4. ooooh some chocolate cake sounds so good right now!!!!

  5. Haha I feel the same way about Duck Dynasty, so awesome. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. First off: Meal planning is way too much work! But I hate coming home at 4:30pm and not having any plans for dinner. Just can't win. Second: You can't ever move to Texas...and if you do I'm coming to visit at least once a year!

  7. Meal planning is exhausting! I lasted three weeks at it. I am about to start trying to cook through Thursday on Sundays. Your hubby and that chocolate cake deserve an award!

  8. Duck Dynasty is one of my very favorites, if not favorite show!! :)

  9. hahaha love this post! love your letter to your friends and your bills!! very cute blog

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