March 18, 2013

Link-Up: Spring Bucket List

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So Alison at "Life and times of Alison & Justin" and other lovely ladies have created a Spring Link-up all week long. 

The first link up is a list of things to do once Spring comes. I couldn't help but join in on the fun because I so want all of this snow to disappear (currently snowing more as I type) and thinking we may never have a "spring" in Wisconsin at all. But thus: here is my bucket list (whenever that white stuff is finally gone for good)

*start up the Harley again and go out for a date-night on it
*break out the golf clubs and play a couple rounds with the husband
*have a picnic in the park, near our old apartment
*go fishing with the husband
*bring the Schwinn back out and take it for a ride around the neighborhood
*begin and finish my spring cleaning and organizing of the house
*go to the Farmer's Market in town
*have our first BBQ with friends, brats included this time
*take Harlee to the dog park and see if she'll swim
*attend an outdoor concert
*decorate the mantle for Easter & Spring
*enjoy some frozen custard outdoors
*go to a strawberry patch


  1. Oh my gosh I want to steal your list! It's sounds perfect and so fun!! I bet Harlee will love swimming, we can't get Cruz out of the water. Remind me again why we don't live closer?? ;( Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Love your list, sounds so fun and amazing! Hope the snow stops!

  3. Loooove this! Can't wait for warm weather and all of the snow to disappear! We were "suppose" to get four inches saturday night into sunday but thank God we didn't get it.

  4. Date night on the Harley sounds pretty amazing!!! Kind of jealous! Love the farmer's market. Ours started on March 1 and I was not disappointed! New follower :-)

  5. I love the bike! I think I have Kyle talked into getting some. :)

  6. I think your list is awesome!! :) Thanks for linking up!!

  7. Love your list! I am all about the frozen custard!!!

  8. One of my goals before 30 is to learn how to play golf, maybe it will happen this spring!

  9. take out that schwinn for a spin or two for sure! make a date out of it even! love all of these goals, get crossing them off

  10. There's a hint of spring here today! Can't wait to do fun things outside too. I have a Schwinn as well!!!

  11. If only Spring would officially set in here! I long to do all of these things!!

  12. Such a fun and simple list. I need to start making lists again! Ha

  13. We heart your sweet bucket list! Hope you don't mind that we featured you this week!