April 7, 2013

throughout the week

I am lucky enough to have a set schedule, and know I will be home for dinner. So 4 times out of the week. Harlee baby and I cook up something delicious and before I can even put the lid on the container. She knows! She's ready to go. It's become a routine for her. Riding in the back seat, the wind blowing through her hair. Whining at mom, if the windows aren't rolled down low enough. Such a diva. But she enjoys the times we visit "daddy" and bring him dinner. 

Tonight I realized I could put corn in almost anything and enjoy it. Does this make me weird? I just had to put it in my venison spaghetti too. :)

Tried my hand at our dehydrator for the first time too. Made some apple "crisps" with just a hint of cinnamon. They were delicious!


  1. I love dehydrators, they are pretty handy to make quick snacks. :)

  2. i love putting corn in things, too! this probably sounds super gross, but around the end of a pay period (when your cupboards are bare) we make macaroni and cheese, add a can of chili and a can of corn. it is so good, we devour it hahaha.

  3. everything looks good in a mason jar! Hope you had a good weekend.

  4. Her face.. it kills me everytime I see it. She's SO CUTE.