April 8, 2013

Weekend Update

So this weekend was pretty busy for both the husband and I, and it rarely included being together. He had to run into work early on Friday morning, Saturday afternoon, and almost all afternoon and night on Sunday.  That boy is dedicated, and I hope his work realizes it! Because he wasn't getting paid for any of it!

Meanwhile, I caught up on updating my photography Facebook account and my website with all the new images I took in the past couple months. Go check it out if you can:  www.whitmezaphoto.com
I also took a chance and purchased a new camera! My Rebel XS is a decent camera, but I need an upgrade BAD! I don't have the cash to buy outright one of these beauties, so I went with the Canon 60D. I'm hoping to finally upgrade to that "beauty" next year. But this camera will be leaps and bounds from my actual camera! I'm so excited for it to get here and I can take it for a test run!
 Where the heck did the glimmer of "Spring" go? I woke up on Saturday to this crap on the ground!
I had my first day at the new part-time job, and it was fun to be back at it. I'm a banquet server for the upcoming wedding season at a local banquet hall. Let me tell you, I need to beef back up my arm muscles, being able to carry loads of food and plates. But non-the-less it was fun to be back, part of me missed those college working days.  When I got home, the husband and I curled up on the couch, watched re-runs Big Bang Theory episodes and I enjoyed some Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins with a little Moscato wine.
So I have this horrible habit to order way more food then I need. This was my order on Sunday morning.
 This was my husband's order. Something seems a bit off huh? ;)
Finished the weekend up, the best way a country fan could, watching the ACM awards. I couldn't wait to see this duet! It was honestly the only one I wanted to watch. These two (George Strait & Garth Brooks) are my two all time favs, and if anyone has read my 30 before 30. They are on my list to see. We saw George back in February  but I can't wait to see Garth live sometime in Vegas. 
Here's hoping I can, and soon.

How was your weekend?


  1. I saw Garth in concert about 10 years ago and he was absolutely fantastic!!!!!

  2. Holy Moly food!! Did you end up eating all of it??

  3. GREAT weekend. Nic new camera ohlala! :) Yum all that food makes me NEED lunch!!

  4. Did you have IHOP Sunday morning? I'm so jealous - I also tend to have eyes that are bigger than my stomach ( :


  5. Woohoo for new cameras! I'm envious! I'm still using a Canon Rebel XTi (even though it rocks and takes gorgeous photos) because I'm a poor grad student!

  6. This is making me so hungry! Looks like you had a great weekend :) Happy Monday!

  7. where did you get those chocolate penguins? i want them! sounds like you did have a busy but good weekend even if you didn't see a ton of your husband, it is ok i didn't either.

  8. Sounds like a nice weekend! It sounds like your husband is dedicated to not get paid to work! I love days off with my husband. They are wonderful.