May 31, 2013

Friday Letters

Photo taken by Redwall Photography

Dear Friday: I am sooooo glad you are here! This weekend is jam-packed!

Dear Chelsey: (pictured above, taken at our wedding) Ello' Love, I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning. Make you some breakfast and catch up on life. It literally has been since our wedding that I've seen you! So glad you are able to make it up here.

Dear Photography: I'm excited to shoot a maternity session this weekend. It's for my college dance coach, and I couldn't be more thrilled for her! We'll be taking photos of her and the baby bump at her grandparent's farm. One of my favorite locations are farms. Super excited!

Dear Gym: I am so glad to get back into a routine and those kettle bells that I ever-so missed. Kinda. Just not afterwards :)

Dear Bachelorette Party: I am excited for you, and more to have a reason to get dressed up and hang out with good friends downtown.

Dear 1st Soccer Game: As much as I am totally out of shape, and super sore from just shooting around this weekend. I am nervous for our first game. I haven't played in over three years. Let's hope it all comes back to me, quickly.

Dear Husband: I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work, and you will see the results you want to see! I am right by your side, and can't wait to hear back of plans we hope get approved.

Dear Callie & Sara: I'm super excited to have a sushi "blate" this coming week! So thankful to meet such wonderful people through blogging.

Dear Garth Brooks: PLEASE! PLEASE! Let it be possible to get tickets to see you perform in July in Las Vegas. I can finally check you off my 30before30 list.

Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!

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  1. Farm pictures!!! Fun! If you start walking now you will be here in time to take my maternity pictures. Ok go. :) Cannot wait to see them. :) Have a fabulous weekend friend.

  2. Aww the pictures are going to turn out great! Especially since they are at a farm ;) oooh, have fun at the bachelorette party!!

  3. have a great time on your blate! wish i was there! how exciting about the maternity session cant wait to see the photos :-) wish you were close enough to do my maternity photos whenever that is

  4. I'm so excited too! It will be my very first one and what better way to go than sushi!

    You have such a fun weekend ahead.. visitor, bachelorette party, maternity session. Let's hope this weather cooperates for you! (fingers crossed)

  5. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! & Garth Brooks, uhm yes please! Sounds awesome :)

  6. We're going to rock this BLATE!!! I can't wait :)