May 7, 2013

House Tour: The Living Room

Next up the Living Room. This is the place where the husband and I spend the most time together, relaxing watching movies, cuddling with Harlee, and sometimes (most of the time) eating our breakfast and sipping coffee (the husband) :) There is so much natural light that comes through the back windows/door.

I can bet you that maybe 10 of those DVDs are the husband's. I have a bad habit during Black Fridays on stocking up on videos. Hey you can't beat a $5.00 Bridesmaids movie. :) But none-the-less the living is again a mix of blacks and browns mostly, and with all the gifts were were given after our wedding I'm so thankful it looks so put together. We would have had such a hard time decorating starting from scratch, no doubt.

Couches: Wedding Gift (free)
Lamps: Wedding Gift (free)
End Tables: Target ($50 a piece)
Trunk: Husband's (free)
Large Photo: Engineer Print - Staples ($7.00) and mounted to foam board (until I can find the perfect frame) The Husband took that picture when we were down in Fort Worth, it's my favorite
Texas Blanket (on couch): Husband's (free)
Cherry Crate: Rummage Sale ($1.00) works perfectly to house all of Harlee's toys
TV & DVD Shelf: The Landlord's (free)
Curtains: Target ($15 a piece)
Curtain Rod: Lowe's ($50.00)
Rug: Kohls (free) wedding gift                                                 

Other Tours: Dining Room


  1. Loveeeee it! Those couches look super comfy! Ohhh and I'm obssessed with your new blog design! ♥

  2. I LOVE the trunk as the table!!! awesome.

  3. Oooh the kind of natural light a lifestyle blogger could capitolize on. HOW BEAUTIFUL!
    I love what you've done with the place.

  4. I love this! Can't wait to see more, we've been in our house for a year in July and we've literally not done a darn thing. I'm dying to begin decorating but have no idea where to begin!

  5. I love that trunk, it's amazing and perfect.

  6. I seriously LOVE your style!!! :D Love this room!

  7. The picture above your couch is awesome && even more awesome that your husband took it!
    I also like the trunk as your coffee table. and this is so funny but every time you say something
    about Harlee I always think "awh baby" and then I'm like "oh yeah duh, it's her puppy"
    I treat my dog the same freaking way lol.