April 22, 2013

House Tour: Dining Room

The husband and I moved into this house back in August, and I always wanted to share with the blog-world what it looks like. It was such a step (LEAP) from our first apartment

Though that tiny one bedroom upper, beautiful hard wood floor apartment has a special place in my heart, being our first apartment we shared together. It can't beat all the ROOM we have in this house! Up first, the dining room.

So the husband considers me very "grandma-like" for purchasing this 7 piece dining room set off of craigslist back in November. We originally had this three piece dining set from Target, we got for $150, and honestly I don't know why but all dining room sets these days seem to be made so CHEAPLY! Granted it worked for our small apartment we had before, but now that we are in a house I wanted to find something that would accommodate my 8+ family members and our love for cooking & entertaining guests. 

The Target table just wouldn't do, and this table set expands to fit 4 more chairs. I'm hoping to recover the seats at some point, and maybe even paint. The previous owners had it for their first and only dining set for over 20 years. So it has withstood the test of time already, more then that Target table will last in it's lifetime (fifty times over).

For us, just starting out, this set works fine. When we finally do purchase own a house, we will be making our own farm house table and bench seats. This I know.

The highlight of the dining room is indeed our "bar". We used my husband's old bookshelf and turned it into the mother load of our liquor supply. 

This unfortunately isn't all of it, we have an extra fridge out in our garage that is solely used for this purpose as well. What can I say, he loves his liquor and and I love my wine and old fashions. :)

Right now the table decorations are simple. I scored this candle antler holder from Kohl's for $5.00, back a couple years ago. The table runner I found at Goodwill (in it's Target packaging still) for $5.00 as well.

Rug: Lowe's $20.00
7 pc Dining Set: Craigslist $60.00
Bookshelf/Bar: (many years ago) $free?
Cityscape Picture: Hobby Lobby (husband's pick) $20.00
Curtains: Target $20.00 for both
Table Decor: Kohls & Goodwill $10.00
TOTAL: $130.00


  1. I love your dining room! It's very inviting. :)

  2. Oh man... my hubs would be totally jealous of all your liquor! You've got it all covered my friend. When can we come over? :)

  3. ooh your dining room is so cute and inviting! wow lowes sell rugs? i guess i havent spent too much time in that store to know. that antler candle holder is a great score too for only $5

  4. I spy with my little eye - SERENDIPITY!

  5. Beautiful!!! I LOVE the bar!! Such gret decorating!

  6. I absolutely love the bar! Also, y'all should take a tour of Maker's Mark Distillery! It's beyond amazing.

  7. I def noticed that modern furniture isn't that good quality. Y'all got quite the deal!

  8. I love your dining room, especially the bar!

  9. Love those curtains! That price is a steal, girl!

  10. Oh. My. Gosh. I want your bar. Your dining room looks great!