May 15, 2013

See You on the High Ground

The husband had a great opportunity to join some of the local WWII veterans as they made their way to see the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. It was an experience he said he will never forget, truly humbling. The night that he got back we started to edit photos, and I helped to create his two veterans scrapbooks of the photos that my husband took. At the end of each book, the husband wrote a note to them. I packed them up and tied them pretty, and off they went.  I hope they cherish these books, and share their experience with families and friends through these books.


  1. That is a wonderful gift! I bet they'll appreciate it more than we can know.

  2. That is so awesome, thank you for sharing this with us .

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  3. Whit! How awesome! I'm sure these books are something these veterans will treasure for years to come & so will their families. How sweet :)