June 28, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Noon: You can't come soon enough today. Hello packed-full weekend.

Dear Country USA: I am so excited to spend today and tomorrow dancing around in all the mud listening to Easton Corbin, Toby Keith, Chris Cagle, Dierks Bentley and my local country band favorite: Chasin Mason. Hanging out with some other army wives, who their husbands are all currently deployed and the music festival will be doing a tribute to their guys on the big screen. How awesome!

Dear Camping Trip: We are so not ready for you yet this next week, except for the massive amounts of alcohol chilling in our extra re-fridge. That's really all we need, that and a swimsuit. ha ha.

Dear Ripped Jean Shorts: I see you all over the web but I can never find any. Any that are affordable and able to buy in town. I would kill for a pair or two to rock this weekend.

Dear House: Clean yourself please before the in-laws and niece come visit next week. Please don't forget to deep-clean the carpets too.

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  1. Whit, did you check Old Navy for ripped shorts? I saw some on Monday at the ON in Appleton so I'd guess there's a good chance they're also at the outlet!

    Have a fun weekend :)

  2. Your tomorrow sounds awesome!!! I wish I could join! Do you have a thrift store? Go make your own ripped shorts...? Send that house cleaner my way! :)

  3. Have an amazing weekend, you surely deserve it! :)

  4. I so wish my house would clean itself too! I'm currently procrastinating doing it by blogging, ha!