June 29, 2013

My Love For Coupons

Runs deep.

I have also been stocking up on items we need for our annual camping trip.
The first was from a local Pick N' Save grocery store, where I spent $78 after coupons and saved over $51.00.
The second is from a local Festival Foods grocery store, where I spent $50 after coupons and saved over $45.
And most of that was in alcohol purchases! Say hello to FREE BEER! :) Those are wonderful words to a Wisconsinite.

Seriously I may have a slight addition. It's crazy. Just this week I was lucky enough to be one out of 1,000 to win a free pizza from Domino's, out of the entire country for that day! Say hello to free dinner and not having to cook at all. Perfect.

Any of you blogger coupon?


  1. I'm impressed with free booze. That's really hard to find!

  2. I'm a couponer!!! I have a huge stockpile thanks to coupons. :)

  3. Yes, teach us please. :) We also scored the Pick 'N Save deal for tailgating last weekend! Enjoy yourselves this week!

  4. Ive tried to get in to couponing a time or two but never seem to get the hang or it were it's worth wild. Any advice??

  5. you go girl!! Couponing is the way to go!! Keep up the hard work and can't wait to hear about this fun camping trip:)

  6. Couponing is a great way to save on things...I need to do more of it!

  7. Oh I love couponing, especially since we are stationed in Hawaii, it can get pretty expensive.