July 3, 2013

3rd Annual

For the past three years the husband and I have planned an Annual Camping/Tubing Trip during the 4th of July, and so that's where we will be the rest of the week.

Floating down a river, drinking some adult beverages and soaking up the sun (trying not to burn, on my part).

Have a wonderful Holiday bloggers!


  1. HAVE FUN! That sounds like such a great time, and traditions are great too :)

  2. aww hope you guys have a blast!!!

  3. that sounds like fun! wish the weather was nice here. it's been raining so much all the fireworks have been cancelled :(
    happy 4th!!!

    laurie brotherton
    thanks for linking up with us.
    newest follower on bloglovin :)

  4. Sounds like a blast (: I hope yal have fun.
    and drink a few for me... I've still got a few
    months before I can have a nice cold one.

  5. This looks looks like a lot of fun. I've never been tubing before but floating down a river with a beer sounds like a great time. :)