March 11, 2013

Guest Post: Where to Begin Looking When Shopping for a Home in Milwaukee

Searching for a new home can be intimidating at first. Not familiar with Milwaukee and the various, diverse neighborhoods within the city? Research can help consumers determine which area best fits their living requirements. Here are four categories to check out before beginning a home search.

Price Range
According to the Zillow Home Value Index, the median Milwaukee home value is currently $91,600. The most expensive neighborhood in Milwaukee is Northpoint, which is located right on the shores of Lake Michigan. The median value of homes in this neighborhood is $376,600. For those with a tighter budget, check out the Riverton Heights neighborhood. It is more mid-range with a median home value of $91,900. Of course, there is more to finding a home than cost alone, but this is a good starting point to determine what is affordable.

Popular Neighborhoods
A single, young professional is probably not going to want to live in a neighborhood that is predominately families with kids. In Bay View, for example, 76.7 percent of the households do not have kids. However, the demographic is older homeowners and upper-class couples. Singles may want to check out Cambridge Heights, located just west of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. The area is 62.1 percent single and is primarily filled with college students and unmarried individuals with moderate incomes.

Families naturally gravitate toward neighborhoods with the best school systems. Golda Meir School is a public institution teaching kids in third through eighth grades. The school is located near Schlitz Park and Haymarket and has a Great Schools rating of 10. Looking to go private? Eastbrook Academy is an option that is located closest to the Lincoln Park neighborhood and teaches preschoolers through grade 12.

Commute Time
The average commute time in the city of Milwaukee is 24 minutes. However, it is more difficult to get downtown from some areas of the city than others. For instance, Yankee Hill has a commute time of 22 minutes, which ranks low in contrast to the city as a whole. Comparatively, Kilbourn Town has one of the lowest commute times at an average of 16 minutes. Obviously, less travel time means closer proximity to the city and a more urban surrounding. If noise is not an issue and an easy trip to and from work is important, check out the aforementioned neighborhoods.

In conclusion, these four suggested topics are a great way to start a home search. Taking the initiative is a good way to ensure that a house hunt is successful.  It is essential to find an appropriate balance of all needs before deciding on a home, and online research can help individuals and families accomplish that. 

By: Tali Wee of

At some point soon, I hope the husband I can start our house hunt, and this is one of the areas if we were to live in Wisconsin we would look at. 
It's great to get any advice you can to prepare yourself of this sometimes strenuous process.

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