October 18, 2013

week six

(written 10.02.13)

this momma-to-be doesn't feel any different than last week, just noticing a little bit more bathroom trips occur. and she is quite thankful for that. still have an appetite, and craving carbs and breads like no other. i'm hoping it stays that way for a little while longer. although my emotions have heightened, and tears seem to be a reoccurring thing, unfortunately. i was quite an emotional person before, but now that has at least doubled. the husband loves that, i'm sure.

still no "bump" and i can't wait for it to show. i'm sure i'll regret writing this come week 38+ but still. i can't wait to know that our babe is growing healthy and strong inside. something that is still constantly on my mind. the husband asks if i have taken another test just to be sure that i am still.

it is so hard to keep the secret yet, but i've gotten really good at lying so close to the truth, that nobody even knows. it's kind of fun. but at the same time, i am just chopping at the bit to share the news, ask questions to other expecting ladies and more.

unfortunately though, i some how came down with a nasty cough and cold, and can't take anything to help. scheduling a doctor's appointment to see if they can recommend anything and make sure it isn't something like bronchitis (which seems fairly close to what i had a couple years ago). but for a girl that doesn't like to take any medication, i am okay with being a little miserable.

the best part of this week, you ask? realizing the lady bumps are filling out. from a girl that could barely fit into an A, has me jumping for joy. definitely a plus now. but most days i just don't feel "pregnant" no morning sickness leaving me stranded at the toilets. part of me thinks something is wrong because everything book i read makes it seem like it should be a horrible time. and for that i'm grateful.


  1. I think these updates are wonderful! :)

  2. My morning sickness didn't start until about 7 weeks. But since this was written a few weeks ago, I hope for your sake that you still feel pretty good! Congrats again!

  3. Aww yay! Congrats! Looking forward to following your pregnancy journey :)

  4. Ahhhh I love this, girl. I had a friend that actually didn't experience ANY morning sickness, and she ended up looking about 20 weeks when she was at 40 weeks + 3 days...maybe you'll be that lucky!

  5. I think those books prepare you for the worst. I was never sick enough to be in the bathroom all of the time. I did end up carrying crackers just in case I got the sick feeling, but it really wasn't horrible. I think the worst for me was the heartburn that came later. Also, the always wanting to sleep in the beginning was tough, especially while I was at work and not able to sleep.

  6. So you don't look pregnant, haha. I'm sure you'll have an adorable bump when it pops out :)

  7. Don't read into the books pretty lady. All pregnancies are different! And I can't wait to see that little baby bump grow! You will just be the cutest ;)
    xo TJ