January 4, 2014

week eighteen

wow, i have really been slacking on keeping my pregnancy updates current. this week was H.E.L.L. for me. (hence no baby bump picture)

that wednesday i drove to work not feeling the greatest. i get a text from my boss saying he isn't coming in because he is sick, and it took all my effort to not curl up into a ball and fall asleep on my office desk. so at 10:00am, i drove myself back home to sleep. woke up just feeling worse. took my temperature 100.9* great. the husband demanded that i drive myself to urgent care. mind you i hadn't taken anything because i wasn't sure what i could and could not have. i waited for over an hour to get seen. finally the nurse/doctor gave me to generic pain relievers and my temperature finally started to fall. they tested me for strep, for bronchitis, for influenza: all negative. the doctor wrote me a note to stay home the rest of the week and relax.

sleeping that night, i still was cold, then i was so warm, and then i'd wake up sweating, my sheets and pi's soaked. all thursday was just the same, thankfully a dear friend i met through blogging's husband came with medicine in hand and a bunch of other goodies. i was so grateful for that because i just couldn't manage the energy to drive to the drugstore to get what i needed. they were a god-send and i literally cried a long time for their wiliness to help. friday it began to subside a bit and i had a burst of energy for less than an hour on saturday to clean up a bit. because of how i was feeling, there was no way i could have the energy to drive 2.5 hours to pick up my husband from the airport. delay after delay, a friend of his picked him up and he arrived at the house. if it there was anytime that i need him most it was this week, and i was so glad he was there to help me towards the end.

and not even 5 minutes after he came home, he couldn't wait to give me my christmas presents from him. i received a 5-in-1 media player, a white fujifilm instax camera & film, a moleskin travel notebook, and three different sets to the Willow Nativity set. he really outdid himself this year and i couldn't feel so grateful for everything he bought.

sunday we celebrated an early christmas at my parent's house, and opened up a couple gifts. including one that i was so excited for: the baby's car seat! it can be found here: at target.com.

i finally had enough strength to go back into work on monday because i needed to. we were leaving early that next morning and there was no way i could have gotten everything i needed to get done if i was feeling like i had been early that week. the husband ran the errands that i couldn't get to before he came, and we packed up our car.

at 3:00 in the morning we finished what we needed to and made our way down to Fort Campbell to celebrate christmas with his brothers and mother. summary of that post can be found here.


  1. Yay for car seat! That's like the one big must-have! Sorry you were sick, but glad you're feeling better now!

  2. Whew! I hope you are feeling better! Being sick while pregnant is not fun!