May 29, 2014


so much of his nursery didn't get completed until he arrived home from the NICU. Arriving at 32 weeks, didn't give this momma much time to complete it, like his crib. i purchased an old vintage one a couple years back and well it didn't stand the test of time. there was no way i would have put him in it. so we frantically purchased this one online at target, and i put it together. deserves a gold star right?
naturally there is a bit of Harley, with a mix of classic pooh.
he unfortunately has to share the other half of our master bedroom. our rental only has two rooms and the other is reserved for guests. so he gets his own little corner instead.
i scored this wooden rocker on craiglist for $10.00, and although i wish i had a glider at times. it helps to make this momma not fall asleep during those late night feedings.
he has a wide range of stuffed animals already, the white bear is from his uncle and aunt. his name is Walker. the sock monkey is from a dear friend of mine, home-made locally here in Wisconsin. the last is the build a bear named Emmie, that was given to my husband when we were dating.
so if you can imagine, the crib looked exactly like the changing table. i found this gem on craiglist as well for $15.00. and serves dual purpose as his closet. all of his newborn clothes are finally arranged so neatly, this took a while to make it look nice for photos.
 his mobile is yet to be complete, but these little guys like hanging out on the changing table until then.
thrifting is a weakness of mine, and all of the books and toys you see have almost entirely been purchased second-hand. except for a couple gifts from family/friends. one can never have enough books, blocks, and cars.
i dream of the day, his daddy comes home and finally plays him his lullaby on his guitar. it's one memory i can't wait to make.


  1. That is lovely! He's a lucky boy! And I'm jealous of your thrift finds!

  2. His room is wonderful! :)

  3. I love all of the little details. You did a great job making the space work for both of you!

  4. Oh I love it! Where did you find the "B"? It looks like the room works great for all of you!

  5. I love it!! And I'm super impressed you put the crib together yourself, kudos!!

  6. Love his little "corner"! :) And I agree- thrifting books and toys is definitely too much fun sometimes :)

  7. Love his corner!! They don't need much space right now thats for sure! Noah is still in our room, although he is outgrowing the bassinet and we are transitioning now!