May 26, 2014

two months

and you are officially past your due date. we are finally a "newborn". and clothing sizes prove that, even though most are still quite a bit big on you.

sleep is still a scheduled routine, and i think i have the NICU to thank for that. every three and a half hours on cue, you want to eat. makes for a tired momma at the 3:00am feedings.

you are starting to make a little eye contact but it doesn't last long. you love to be wrapped up in your minky blankets and could sleep forever in the arms of someone, anyone really.

you have been fighting a bad cold and still have yet to get over it fully thanks to the antibiotics you had to take. the shots at your doctor's appointment went well in the beginning but towards the afternoon you cried and cried. so unlike you. you rarely make a peep unless you are really really hungry and need to eat. mandatory cuddles on the couch were needed after that afternoon.

you are up to 7.5+ pounds! it's crazy to think you are almost doubled in weight. i caught myself as i looked back in the mirror while driving and realized just how you are filling out and growing in that carseat. you were so tiny when i brought you home. in no time, you will outgrow that seat.

swaddling is almost a thing of the past. you love to have your hands up by your face while you sleep. and the rock n' play has been a god-send for momma. you love how confined you are as you are wrapped up in your blanket.

we have moved passed the preemie size diapers and into newborns. momma's coupon stock is doing well, but didn't anticipate you coming so early and so tiny, she may have to get more newborn size. changing your clothes, you make quite difficult. you are such a wiggle worm, and i think hunger had a major part in all that.

happy two months little man. keep on growing!


  1. Oh he is just getting cuter with every new picture! :)

  2. He's so gosh darn cute and tiny, I can't get over it!!!

  3. cant believe he is 2 months old already!! time goes sooo fast!! glad things are going well!! He is soo cute!!

  4. Two months already?! Time is flying! He's such a handsome man!

  5. He is precious. What a sweet baby! Congrats!

  6. You're such a lucky momma! He sounds like a wonderful baby boy! I wish I had known about schedules when V was first born.

  7. He is seriously adorable. I swear every time I see his little pictures I get baby fever. I can't believe he is already two months. Time surely does fly by. and I remember all those late night feedings. Hopefully, you'll get lucky and he will starts sleeping more soon!