July 23, 2014

real life

this last weekend, i jumped back into photographing weddings. as i paged through facebook, i saw this photo that was posted. for a second i didn't think it was me in it. but then i realized it was. this was me. taking photos of a special day that only happens once. i never would have thought years ago, this is what i would be doing on weekends. with grandma and grandpa watching my baby boy.

i just couldn't believe how blessed i've become in this life. a full-time job that i enjoy doing day in and day out. a hobby that i self-taught myself and now capture rare special moments for other people to cherish for years to come.

the day of, i'm just as nervous as the bride. i want these photos to turn out just the way they imagined them to be. i put a lot of pressure on myself. i am the only one there, though at times i wish i had a second pair of hands to carry this or that, or capture a photo i would have missed because i wasn't there. i still can't believe some of the images i take. i feel so lucky to do this for others. it's so fun to work your butt off all day long and many weeks after editing for the final end result.

i love going into past clients homes (most have become or are dear friends) and see the photos i took hanging on their walls. makes me so proud to do what i do because i love to do it.

most days i just have to pinch myself and tell myself that this really is the life i am living. i need to embrace it fully. give it all i've got because i'm making memories last just a bit longer for myself and others. this is my real life, i'm so grateful for it.


  1. You are an amazing photographer!

  2. What an amazing shot! And wow, can I say, the black and white makes it look straight outta the 50's... in a good way. I love those classic shots :)

  3. Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!! Keep doing what your passionate about and don't ever let the love for photography fad away. A picture says a thousand words and hold a memory everyone can cherish forever!!!!

  4. You are so talented girl! I definitely wish you lived closer. :)

  5. You have serious talent and I'm so glad that people are booking you for their special days! How awesome to see your work in their homes. :)

  6. I love your work. It's great that your business has grown so much!