September 18, 2014


even if it may seem like i'm always so down on most of my posts, it's not always that way. i have my moments, which seem to occur more often now with a little one, then i care to admit.

but i have many reasons to be thankful, but i just don't take enough time in the day to look for them. lately i've been beating myself because i'm just not good enough. for who you ask? for myself. i have such high expectations when i start out the day. each week i write out every day what i want to accomplish. clean baby bottles, pack the diaper back for the day at work, make sure the dog is fed, the lawn needs grass cut today before it rains, those dishes aren't going to clean themselves, same goes for the laundry, how long has it been since i've cleaned the bathroom? my mind just continues to run and doesn't seem to ever stop.

i need to stop that. rewind and start over. let's begin again. i have a healthy body, a wonderful husband who does everything in his power to make life a bit easier a world away, i have a beautiful baby boy who continues to never stop growing before my eyes, i have a roof over my head, and food (when i get the chance to cook) in front of me. these reasons and more i should be listing off instead.

i can't do it all. each day it different. and yet i still can't do it all. but each day is a new day that we are given. a day to give it your all again. to try and make it the best day yet. even though it seems like it may be worse then the day before, find the good. in something little. a smile on your loved one's face. the last piece of cake just waiting for you to enjoy. take it all in because God gave you this day exactly the way it was, to live in it. the good and the bads, they all make for a wonderful life.


  1. Love this post. I need to not be so hard on myself, too. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. This is so true! I admire you for doing so much with your husband so far away. I'm definitely learning the same lesson since I had my second baby... It seems like so many things go undone nowadays, but I'm trying and I know how blessed I really am.

    Happy weekend :)

  3. Girl. I think I cooked a total of 5times in the past 9months, dishes stayed in the sink until little man went to sleep (that is if I stayed up too), luckily my father in law would come over to mow or it would of never have gotten done. Don't worry about all that stuff take time and cuddle with that super cute baby of yours.

  4. Love this! Especially lately I've been feeling terrible because about all I can do is make it through the work day before I'm ready to crash. It's so hard to get anything done beyond that. Unrealistic expectations get the better of me! Thanks for the reminder :)