February 20, 2015

first time cruiser [part three]

we had two more cruise days with Emerald Princess of Princess Cruise Line. the last stop was to Cozumel, Mexico. my husband was excited for this stop. we booked our last excursion as an ATV adventure and beach time. we had a blast kicking up some dust and then relaxing with some good food and drinks on the beach. after we got back we did a little harmless shopping/bargaining. 

we had an hour to kill yet and we didn't want to head back to the ship, so we ate at Three Amigo's restaurant. went back on the ship and went to the back of the boat area. grabbed some large drinks and sat in the hot tub as we sailed away from the very blue waters of Mexico.

we had one day left at sea until we got back to the Port of Houston. it just so happened to be Valentine's day too. we scheduled our second wine tasting on the ship and played some blackjack and slots again. that night we did another "Movies Under the Stars" and watched The Judge. we packed up all of our luggage that night, for it to be picked up and ready when we got off the ship the next morning.  we waited around on the ship on our last morning. enjoyed a slow breakfast and grabbed some last delicious snacks and desserts before we had to leave.

it was a great experience and we would definitely do cruising again. it was a great way to see a lot of places and the ship always had something to enjoy or do. we can't wait to take our son when he gets a bit older on one. maybe a Disney cruise in our near future?

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