May 29, 2015

On the Go with Nûby

for some reason, we are always on the move. it's been this way since before my son was born. i'm never satisfied just being at home relaxing, unless it's cold, wet and rainy out. i love going out to eat, seeing new places, visiting friends and family. go go go! now that my son is eating any thing and everything in sight and drinking whole milk, we are able to go out for longer periods of time and not having to worry about making a bottle of formula. let me tell you friends, it's been real nice.

for that reason, i also have a bag of items i keep in the car just in case we forget things. if your like me, i hate having to run to the store just because we don't have something for him that we left at home. so packing this bag give me a small piece of mind that even if i didn't pack my purse with the entire house, i'll have what i need. i put them all into a bag i received as a gift, it works great with all it's little pockets, making it easy to see what i have.

Diapering Items:
-a couple diapers
-a small package of wipes
-an extra set of play clothes
-a pair of shoes and socks
-an extra pajama set

Eating Items:
-Easy Go Suction Bowl filled with small snacks
-Travel Utensil Set
-Wash or Toss Sippy Cup
-a package or two of pureed fruits/veggies
-bottle of water

Play Items:
-a small toy or two they like
-an extra small blanket, and rag (it's like his pacifier)
-a jacket and hat
-a small first aid kit
now i know there is quite a lot more that you can put into the bag, but this is what works for us. When he was little there was so much i would pack, but for a one year old the basics is all you really need. because let's be honest, he'd rather play with something other than a toy we brought and always wants to go-go-go! i'm interested to see if you pack anything in the car for emergencies and if there is anything different you include.

the Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon is a must, because it keeps all of his snacks in one container and has a spoon for the pouches we still feed him. The suction base is a god-send because his hands love to push everything off his tray and onto the floor. which is okay at home because we have an automatic vacuuming cleaner (thanks pup!) but in public it's embarrassing for me. i hate leaving a restaurant with food scraps all over the floor. this bowl helps keep it in one place and doesn't allow for mass chaos of puffs over the entire place.

thanks to his daycare, he has been taking sippy cups like champ now and the Wash or Toss Stackable Cups are a great thing to keep in the car for the times we forget to bring a sippy cup with. thankfully he isn't too picky with his cups, and has yet to work with the straw ones but we will get there. he is able to hold onto these well and they are light weight making it easy for him to pick them up. so easy to wash and throw back into the car, when needed.
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  1. The bowl and spoon sound amazing! Especially the suction part!