June 16, 2015

need. motivation

i've gotten lazy, or busy, or both? i want to put full blame my tremendous lack of motivation. it's hard to get everything done in a day that i want to get accomplished, and working out is one that gets put on the way back burner. i come up with any excuse in the book not to. babe, it's too hot out. i should really get laundry started so he has pjs. i just ate. the whining goes on and on. you're lucky you can't hear the things that go off in my head, just as sad.

but honestly every day, it's slowly starting to eat away at me. i used to be a size 6 (pre-baby). i loved those kettle bell workouts, and my flat stomach. all of those pre-baby clothes were sold at my rummage sale or given to the thrift store. i couldn't handle them being at home anymore and me not being able to fit into them. my hips seem like they will no longer be able to go back to the way they once were. i had motivation: my husband coming home from deployment. now? he's home and all we want to do is relax on the couch watching our son attempt to walk all over the place.

i need to start again. i need to find that rhythm again. i've always enjoyed running. in high school i ran under a 5:25 mile, believe it or not. i made it to state in cross country, a goal i worked hard to accomplish my senior year. you'd think i'd keep that going even after running in college, but i haven't. why not? it's hard weighing myself in at my 32-week pregnancy weight, with NO baby.

thankfully its the start of summer. oh joy, swimsuit weather. non-the-less warm weather to enjoy more time outside. i've downloaded the Nike+ app on my phone and put in the date of a half marathon in the beginning of the fall. that there ladies and gentlemen, is my new found motivation. to enjoy running, build back (or piece together as much as i can) the body i once had. plus more outside time for baby, means an earlier bedtime too. double plus! this post is published to make me more accountable. local friends, have a workout and need a buddy (let me know), fellow bloggers, bug the crap out of me to make sure i'm sticking with it! i need you.


  1. You go girl!!!! Just make small goals, it works wonders. :)

  2. You got this girl!
    BTW my hips have never been the same, if finally just embraced them.

  3. Oh, if I lived closer I'd jump on that motivation train with you in a heartbeat!

  4. Ugh unfortunately I'm in the same boat!! I am now 5 pounds from pre-pregnancy, most of the clothes fit now, but this 5 pounds won't shake any further than 3.... Which means I have gained 2 in the lazy period lol.

  5. Girl, you got this you can do this!!! I know you can, your a strong girl!!!! I already stressing about keeping up with my routine I've built when my hubbs comes home but I know if we stick together we can do it!!!! Holding you up and accountable!!! :)

  6. You can totally do this. Find something you love and get it routine!! Let me know if you have any questions about any programs!! There are so many I know you would love!