November 30, 2011

Getting [Ready]

Thought I'd share my story of the getting ready for my wedding day. So many just jump right into the ceremony. But it's fun to look back at all that nervousness and excitement:

So I stayed at my parents house the night before the wedding. I guess I was a bit traditional in the fact that I didn’t want to spend the last night before we were a married couple together. I honestly got about 3 hours a sleep and was up at 4:30am. I couldn’t fall back asleep, I even blogged the morning of. See the post here.
I had everything packed two days before (yes I am very organized when it comes to certain things). I ate a few bits and pieces of food for breakfast and headed over to the salon in my home town to get my hair done. We did a trial run about two months before hand (I know it was a long time ago, but I never changed my mind). I was so happy with the way it turned out! It cascaded down the right side of my head with a ton of curls. I created my own head piece and she put that in already as well.

Hopped back into the car, stopped by a close town to pick up the wedding party flowers. Put them in the trunk and made the hour drive to the wedding site. On the way I saw the skies and they looked dark and gloomy, so I made a pit stop to Target that was close by. Picked up two umbrellas, a mirror, tissues, fruit snacks and mini muffins to snack on for all my girls and I. I wanted to be prepared if it were to actually rain. I think buying those umbrellas scared it off because there wasn’t a single drop that fell that day. Best luck ever!

Transferred all the goods upstairs to a room where the girls and I were able to get ready. I did my own make up that day. I thought about having a makeup artist do it, but for the cost of what I already paid in the makeup...I could do it myself. Besides I’d been practicing it for the past three months anyway. I didn’t want anything drastic. I went with just a yellow consealer to hide most of my redness in my face, black mascara, three shades of natural colors for the eye shadow, and a brief stroke of lipstick to just give my lips a bit more color. 

My husband and his groomsmen all got ready at a different building on the college campus: The ROTC department. A place he practically "lived" in during college. This is my favorite shot of him. He always sticks out his tongue every time he puts on a tie. I love it!

I wrote my husband a letter that morning of too, and had one of my bridesmaids hand-deliver it to him. He was surprised he didn’t know in his words “we were allowed to do that”. :) 

I put on my earrings ($0.99 from Shopko), threw on the wedding dress, after a few minutes of mending, story explained here. I was ready to go. It was very quick and we had a lot of time left to kill listening to music and dancing, trying to shake the nerves. It was crazy to think that in less than an hour I was ready to be a wife.

Nothing horribly went wrong before the ceremony. It was such a relief. Anybody have any pre-wedding stories to share about a wedding they were apart of?

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