November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving [Weekend]

Thanksgiving Weekend.

I had an eventful 4-day weekend.

Spent the afternoon with my immediate side of the family.  I really wanted to bring something, and I had a craving for fruit pizza.

I made Paula Deen’s Fruit Pizza Recipe: It was a hit!

Later that night my sisters and I looked up and down at the Black Friday Ads. They both talked me into coming with them. So at 10:30pm we made our way to our first stop: Shopko.  We didn’t get back until 6am on Friday morning.  I was exhausted, but I got to witness at first hand the rush of crazy Black Friday Shoppers. 
Here are my purchases:
-Sherlock Holmes DVD $5.99 Target
-HOUSE season 4 and 6 $12.99e Target
-(2) sweaters Target
-Big One Blanket (I love this kind) $8.99 Kohl’s
-6pk of Socks Kohl’s
-Boots from Sears $24.99
-Phase 10 game Shopko $4.99
-(3) Scarves from JcPenny’s $6.99e

Honestly I feel I could have went any other random day to get these things, no Big Screen TV purchases went on my Credit Card. :)

Slept most of the day on Friday, and then got up in the afternoon and made my way down to visit the in-laws. My niece was there, and it’s always fun to see how’s she’s grown. Here is a picture of her and daddy, both were in the Spongebob Zone:

Saturday, I drove back up to meet my mother, my two sisters and my aunt. We then made our way down to Madison and I attended my first BADGER FOOTBALL GAME! We stood (they never sit for the whole game) in the Student Section. It was a ton of fun.  Especially between the 3rd and 4th quarter: que JUMP AROUND!

Sunday, I was very productive. Since we live in an older home, I finally sealed up with plastic all of the windows in the living room and bedroom. I broke out, what little I have, Christmas decorations. Wrapped most of the Christmas presents for this year. Set up the Christmas tree my mother-in-law gave to us. I’m waiting to decorate the tree until the husband gets home.

It was a bit of a bummer that my husband and I couldn’t be together for our first holiday as a married couple, but I did get to skype-in down in Del Rio and talk with him and meet some more new family members. Flights were insanely crazy this past weekend to even think about going down there: $1500+

Christmas will be a different story, I can not wait until he comes home. Only 17 more days and counting!


  1. Your Fruit Pizza looks fabulous, your black Friday finds look great. We did a bit of shopping later that evening as well but like you no big purchases on crazy electronics or such. Hope you had a fabulous day.

  2. Nice Black Friday haul! I love those boots - I'm looking for a pair like that for myself!