April 13, 2013

A Letter From Harlee

Well good morning blog world. It's Harlee here. Momma said I was able to do a blog post instead this morning. I'm not sure what I should write but here goes nothing.

Mom & Dad adopted me back in August of last year and it's been fun living with them. They let me get away with most anything, unless I make the carpets muddy, demolish the trees outside by chewing off all the branches, or barking at anything and everything that walks by the front of the house. Sometimes I just have to protect them from the flying plastic bag that blows by.

You can guess why the named me Harlee, and every time I hear a motorcycle go by the house my ears perk up and I run to the window to see if it's ours.

Most of the morning and afternoon I'm super lazy and love taking up every spot on the couch, just before mom or dad decide to sit down in that same spot. It's fun. Their cuddles are the best.

Momma leaves the house first for work and every morning I have to wake up Dad because he will sleep forever if I don't. Then dad leaves for work, I am left to roam free around the house. FREEDOM! House Party anytime soon anybody??? Mom & Dad won't have to know (sorry mom)! Slip a note or two on MY couch with your RSVP. I'll provide the puppy treats and numerous amount of dog toys for entertainment.

I LOVE my daycare and all my puppy friends. I play play play until I can't play no more. I come home and pass out for the rest of the night. I also like dinner date rides in Mom's car to my Dad's work a couple times a week. Mom rolls down the windows for me and I let my hair blow in the wind. It's a thrilling feeling, but I'm still cautious of sticking my entire head out the window.

I can't wait for the weather to warm up, all of this white cold stuff is getting old, fast. I miss my night walks with mom and visiting our local spots where there are so many smells and things to see.

Well that's it for now. It's lunch time and Dad hasn't fed me yet. See you all another day.

Much love and puppy kisses,


  1. That's really adorable that she's cautious and won't let her head all the way out the window! We have to just leave ours cracked as the girls would totally jump out if they could!

  2. This is so incredibly adorable, Harlee you are precious!

  3. Love this!!! So stinking cute.. as Harlee is!

  4. So cute!! Love this. :) oh Harlee!!

  5. Haha I love when pets come to visit! Hi Harlee!

  6. I love it! She did one great blog post, Whit! You go, Harlee, you're gonna have your own blog in no time ;)