April 12, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Husband: I just got word that both HALESTORM and Brantley Gilbert both will be playing at the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary in Milwaukee at the end of August!!! What better way to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary that month then to go! (hint hint)

Dear Wisconsin Weather: Spring is a bunch of lies here! Ice storm two days ago, rainy all yesterday, and today...snow?! Really Wisconsin? Like I saw on some pictures posted on Facebook "Go home Spring, you're drunk". :)

Dear Husband: You still reading this? See first letter above.

Dear Social Media: For what seems like just last week, I have "met" three other local bloggers, whom now we are Facebook friends but haven't officially met in person. Here's hoping we get the chance soon. Also via instagram I am meeting up with a fellow blogger next week too. Thank you for bringing me closer to these awesome ladies, who I probably would have never had the chance to if it wasn't for you.

Dear Weekend: I have a feeling you will go by way to quick. Slow it down for us if you can please.

Dear Spring Cleaning: I am officially putting you off until it's warm enough to finally open up the windows in our house. End of story. This girl has no motivation.

Dear Husband:  Seriously, if you don't get my hint by now...it's next to impossible to get through to you. ;) Through the text messages, Facebook posts, emails...you get the point.



  1. Haha does hubs read your blog? I wish my partner did but he doesnt read mine much. Doesnt stop me from leaving little notes on there for him though just in case! Hope you have a fab weekend saying hi from Fridays Letters link up :)

  2. HA! Love the hints to the hubs!

  3. I was wondering who was announced! They were going to talk about it on the news last night but then I changed the channel. Love Brantley.

  4. HA! Love this. Hubby you reading!?? Get on it!! :) I am with ya on Spring cleaning!! Happy weekend!

  5. I love the first one!! Nothing better than live music. :)

  6. Awesome you get to meet fellow wi bloggers! Can I ask who?!

  7. So glad I stopped by from Friday's letters, your blog is adorable! Hope you have so much fun meeting up with some local bloggers

    Kendra @ openspaces

  8. Yes! When Maya returns to our hemisphere, we will all get together!

  9. He better get the hint! Our weather isn't Springy either. Warmish one day and snowing the next!