April 17, 2013

Life Update via iPhone

Took Harlee for a 4 mile walk last week and we visited the Art Center. :) You bet I made her sit there and take a ton of pictures. (crazy dog lady)
I love her cuddles.
The husband and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby this past weekend. He helped me stock up on scrapbooking materials to make for the two WII veterans he was guardian for, for the Old Glory Honor Flight to Washington D.C. and the WII memorial.
I love couponing, but only do a small amount because there is only two of us in the household. But I scored $0.25 creamers and free clorox wipes at Target.
Got this pretty little bright thing, and I'm so excited to try it out at my first wedding reception soon!
I went grocery shopping late Monday night and I came home with these things. I couldn't pass them up. My husband already called dibs on the Iron Man cup. :)
I had a wave of such blessings last night. I can't believe that less than a year ago, I would have no idea how to use my old DLSR, let alone have a flash and battery grip to make it look that more professional! I can not wait for my first wedding this summer!
So last night, I tried to catch up on emails on my phone, and I turn around and see this. Clearly she is trying to tell me something. ha ha
Someone sleeps just like her momma. I have a horrible habit of taking up the entire bed when the husband comes home from work and tries to get into bed. I am notorious for twisting up the covers, and yet still manage to have one foot hanging off the bed. It's a sight let me tell you. ha ha
Last, but definitely not least, just another reason why I love these two oh so much.


  1. Oh Harlee, too cute. She sits like Cruz. You are a pro star with your camera now and should be super proud!!

  2. The 2nd picture is just too cute! :)

  3. haha the first picture of Harlee and her awkward ear! Same thing happens to Miss!