January 26, 2015

ten months

two months away until this kid is a year old. how? what? did i blink? i think i blinked too fast and too much. this kid is such a fruitcake now. he is beginning to understand how to get someone's attention, wave hello, clap his hands, and starting to sign "milk" and "all done". it's so fun to see him communicate more with us. he loves his solid food time in the morning and night, and his new friend, daddy. that's right! daddy is home and both of them are just loving it. he is over 18 pounds now and 12 month tops and about 9 mo jeans.

this kid loves his jumper. so much that he'd jump for over two hours straight if he'd be allowed. no attempts at crawling, or being up on his hands and knees. though he has begun to push with his arms and pushes himself backwards a bit. bath time always makes him giddy and splashing mom is a new trick he seems to constantly master. sleeps for about 11 hours and bedtime is still 7:00pm and wake up is 6:30 and rarely ever later than that. but mom is thankful to not have to ever set an alarm for the morning.

we moved him into a convertible carseat, and will use his newborn carseat as a back up in daddy's truck. it's so crazy to think he is that big already for one and how funny daddy and mommy spent over an hour way the pros and cons of each seat and what would be best. on work weekdays he spends all his time with daddy, due to a month plus some change of leave time from his deployment service. which is great because it's one less month of having to put him in daycare, but by the middle of next month he will be going full time. fingers cross for not a lot of sickness. that's my only worry. he loves watching children, or people for that matter. buffalo wild wings is sensory overload for him, with so many TVs to look at.

he loves the plastic bath books as his favorite toy. the Texas longhorn pacifiers and his baby spoons are favorite teething toys. speaking of which this kid now has three teeth, and the second top one will be coming in shortly. Let the fun of 1st birthday planning begins!

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